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Announcement: JULIE BOLTON

julie 2014Hello,

My name is Julie Bolton and I’m a glass designer/maker and a member of ‘Genuine Jersey’.
I work in my glass studio in the beautiful grounds of Samares Manor.
I attended Wolverhampton University for 3 years (the largest glass art school in Europe), there I studied glass in all its forms and received a BA(Hons) 3d Art/Design glass and printmaking.
My special area is casting , mostly using the lost wax or ‘cire perdue’ method.
My cast work is mainly sculptural, I’m lucky enough to have  great sources of inspiration (Laliques’ Glass Church),  just a couple of miles away from where I work and  the wonderful grounds of Samares Manor also a constant source of organic forms.
I also use many other ways of expressing my art with glass : e.g. Fusing , Slumping , mixing glass with other media,  jewellery and glass with silver.

carving wax in my studio

I was awarded ‘Best Glass’ at the ‘Artizans’ showcase in 2004 , since then I mostly work to commission.

I also make items available to the general public which can be bought  from Coopers Coffee Shop at Castle Quay,  St. Helier (near to the harbour ) or there is a smaller selection at the   ‘Harbour Gallery’  St. Aubin.
I’ve been working with glass for over 14 years now, though my interest in it probably started when I was much younger, as my father used to take me to visit great cathedrals such as Chartres, in France, where we lived.
On this website I aim to put various glass articles that I hope you will find of interest, concerning the art of glass producing.
Please submit comments if there is something glass related you would like to see in particular or need help with.

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These amazing gates at Millbrook Manor in Jersey were made by a collaboration of Artists.

 There are two iron gates each with two cast glass heads back to back. The heads are held in place with a copper band.

 The four heads are made of two slightly different designs and were cast with bullseye billets.

The glass was cast by Julie Bolton at Jersey Glass Art studio.

There are up lighters that highlight the gates and illuminate the glass at night time.


 The initial design was by Neil Mackenzie

The metals were forged by members of Rylance Limited

 The team of metalworkers and blacksmiths were : Nathan Twomey, Kate Webber and Fil Guy.

The gilding was done by Catriona Ellery.


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