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CASTING – using the lost wax method.

jersey glass art

TOTEM- negative
Designed/made by Julie Bolton at http:// www.jerseyglassart.co.uk
Cast glass sculpture using Lead Crystal and Copper Oxide.

First an original basic model is made usually from clay or plaster.
This is then coated in a special rubber (gel-flex) to make a master mold.
The rubber is cut open and the original model taken out.
Wax is melted, poured into the sealed rubber mold and left to set.
When set, the wax model is taken out and can be reshaped as desired.
When the wax piece has been shaped to the artists satisfaction a plaster/investrite mold is made around the outside of it

with a reservoir at the top to hold the glass pieces that will be melted into the mould.
The wax is then melted out of the mould, leaving a negative image of the original model.
Glass pieces called cullet are then placed in the reservoir and the whole thing is put into a kiln.
The glass has to be taken up in various stages to a temperature that enables the glass to melt into the mould.
Once the glass has cast into the mould it then has to be taken back down slowly back to its ‘hard’ state.
This can take a long time depending on the thickness and size of the glass.
When cool the mould is broken open to reveal the original model made out of glass.

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