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Glass Art : Alison Kinnaird’s ‘Psalmsong’

Alison Kinnaird has an international reputation as a visual artist and musician. One of the world’s leading glass engravers, with work in public, royal and private collections throughout Europe, America and the Far East. The glass ranges from small intimate pieces, to architectural installations which incorporate light and colour. A recipient of many awards and winner of many competitions, her contribution was recognized in 1997, when she was presented with an M.B.E. for services to art and music.

Her glass installation work ‘Psalmsong’ was made possible by a Creative Scotland Award from the Scottish Arts Council in 2002. It took a year to complete, and utilises engraved crystal panels with dichroic colour and optical fibre lighting, digital photography, printed textiles & music.

The glass work is based around a piece of music of the same name, composed & performed by Alison on the Scottish harp. The notes of the melody were recorded & analysed, and the patterns produced by sampling across the soundwave formed the basis of the glass design. The human figures & the colours represent the emotion in the music.

The lights & colours make use of optical fibre technology & the shadow projected by the engraving was photographed & digitally printed to produce a shadow banner, 4.5m long, which hangs behind the glass.

‘Psalmsong’ is now in the permanent collection of Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh. This film, which, shows the installation in its entirety and in detail, was directed by Robin Morton and is taken from Alison’s CD / DVD album ‘The Silver String’ (Temple Records COMD2096), which contains a full length album & a DVD featuring two other short films and video interviews with Alison about her work.

You can find out more about Alison Kinnaird at www.alisonkinnaird.com & you can find her books, CDs & DVDs at www.templerecords.co.uk

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Glass Art & Music by Alison Kinnaird: Ring of Crystal, Ring of Stone

Alison Kinnaird has always had two careers running in parallel: as a well known Scottish musician & also as an artist working primarily with glass, whose work is collected internationally. In 1997 she was awarded an M.B.E. for services to art & music. Alison usually keeps these two fields seperate but in a number of projects, including this one, both glass & harp have featured together.

The glass artwork shown in this film was created in 1988, based on the theme of standing stones, and it was acquired by Leicester Museum & Art Gallery in the same year. The tune was composed by Alison to accompany the glass. Like a circle of stones, the music follows the characteristic form of harp music, beginning with a theme, progressing through a series of variations, before returning to the theme at the end. Each variation has a corresponding engraved crystal block.

The short film, which features images of the standing stones at Castlerigg, Long Meg & her daughters, and the majestic Callanish stones on the Isle of Lewis, was filmed, edited & directed by Robin Morton. This film was released on a DVD containing three films & interviews relating to Alison’s work, which was included free with Alison’s 2004 album ‘The Silver String’ (Temple Records COMD2096). This CD/DVD package is still available direct from www.templerecords.co.uk or from all good record shops.

Alison Kinnaird, Pub. Kinmor Music

Temple Records 2004 & Kinmor Music.
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“This is Scottish traditional music at it’s very best, something to be proud to be part of, thrilling to hear and humbling to realise the lack of extent of our knowledge”
Edinburgh Guide, December 2004

“…yet another extraordinary example of her mastery of all forms of Scottish traditional music….the music alone is enough to make this CD essential, the glass art videos simply take her vision to a whole new level”
Folk Harp Journal, Spring 2005

“Rarely have such ancient themes been so successfully meshed with modern images, techniques and technology. This is a truly ground-breaking project, fully recognized with great artistry”
Dirty Linen

Duration : 0:8:4

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